Bauria develops and markets leading edge Web applications based on the Microsoft technology stack. We are a tightly knit group of developers and designers who have "been in the trenches" together, and who travel light and move quickly.


With many projects under our belt — few failures and many successes — we now have a seasoned opinion on the topic of methodology. We lean strongly towards the Agile methodologies, specifically:


Within startup circles, one of the most common questions is: "Which technology stack should I choose?". And most of the answers given are wrong. The truth is the technology stack is of lesser importance; the professional skills of the people involved are what truly matter. Most technology stacks today have more or less equivalent capabilities, or at least the differences are not nearly as pronounced as the typical argument between developers would have you believe. That said, our main experience and preference lies with the Microsoft stack, specifically the more modern frameworks and languages:


We are a virtual company; most of us work from our homes or shared offices in the Kyiv area (you might know Kyiv as Kiev, a city of some 5 million people in Ukraine). To contact us simply: